Civilian Complaint

Review Board

The Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) is an independent Department in the City of Newark, NJ. It is established to foster positive relations between the Newark Police Department (NPD) and the Newark community by providing transparency, fairness and equality in the practice and policies of the NPD. The CCRB is a critical part of the process for the implementation of reforms, policy and creating protections for the citizenry, as well as instilling confidence in the resolution of NPD internal police investigations.

Newark CCRB on Nightline ABC!

The Newark CCRB appeared on the May 25, 2021 episode of Nightline on ABC,

as Board Chairman Rick Robinson sat with host Byron Pitts for an exclusive interview.

Click here for the statement regarding the episode!

Chairman Robinson on NJTV

Newark CCRB Chairman with Michael Hill - NJTV News

Newark CCRB Chairman with Michael Hill - NJTV News

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